18 Inch Mud Tires

18 inch mud tires

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Precious-The Big Black Ford Diesel

Precious-The Big Black Ford Diesel

This truck is a 1999 Ford F-250. Aside from her looks, Precious has been known to go deer hunting and fishing with me in my home town of Jackson New Jersey. She listens to country music and always is up for a tailgate. She has a 7.3 Power Stroke diesel engine that makes some pretty decent power. I am an 18 year old student attending North Carolina State University and just like going to college here, I have worked many long hours to support owning this truck. This SuperDuty is far more than just a truck to me; it is my pride and joy. Every home football game here at the home of the WolfPack I have my truck loaded up with many friends of mine and many ladies in company. I hope that my truck can be seen as an icon both on as well as off the road. I love the looks my truck gets when I pull up to a traffic light. These looks are attributed to an eight inch SuperLift suspension lift accompanied by 37x13.5x18 Nitto Mud Grappler Tires. These large tires are dressed by chrome XD diesel rims. As far as the engine goes I don't have nearly enough work done to it. I have a straight piped MBRP stainless steel exhaust to expel extra heat given off by the DP diesel performance programmer I have installed. Precious is an all around truck that is functional for both work and play. She is not just some truck that has looks and no personality. She has it all in my book.

mud season

mud season

yeah, those are my tire tracks wiggling up the road (and I was going straight - or at least trying to). This is what happens to 3 feet of snow that melts in a day (+60F with sun and wind today). yummy

18 inch mud tires

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