What Tyre Size

what tyre size

    tyre size
  • Tire code or Tyre code - Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric code, which is generally molded into the sidewall of the tire. This code specifies the dimensions of the tire, and some of its key limitations, such as load-bearing ability, and maximum speed.

"What Did You Say About My Mother?"

"What Did You Say About My Mother?"

We went to Elk Island Park, my wife and me, on Sunday. Elk Island Park should be called "Pee Your Pants Because There Are Big Scary Bison All Over The Place And They Are Not Even In Cages" Park.

Shrewd marketing.( I guess if they called "PYPBTABSBAOTPATANEIC' Park , no one would go.)

There's a place at Elk Island Park called "The Bison Loop."

Just inside the entrance to this Loop is a sign. This sign features a picture of an obviously terrified tourist, running away from a charging bison, who is in hot "steam coming out of the nose" pursuit. This great hairy thing is planning to run her down...which is sorta freaky on two levels:

1) The person is about two seconds from being gored and/or trampled to death and

2) Someone just stood there, took a picture of it and then sold the picture to the Park Services

The caption under the image in big no nonsense lettering is "THIS COULD BE YOU." There follows a discussion that bison are unpredictable, and that they can charge without warning...even if they looked like harmless grass eating monsters only a few seconds before. The sign tells the story of a photographer who spent hours getting into position...but got charged when some other people unexpectedly came onto the scene. A PHOTOGRAPHER! CHARGED! By freaking BISON (!), who are by their very nature very big and potentially seriously pissy.

We escaped the Loop unscathed. No bison...although there were a number of ferocious looking gophers (also uncaged, by the way).

I took the sign we'd seen as a warning from God. Sheree didn't see it that way. Elk Island is the very park Sheree wanted to go to. She's been heading out to the great outdoors wherever possible lately, photographing birds -- which I find preferable to bison since birds probably won't kill you.

(The other day we found an inch worm on our BED, that had stowed away inside a fold her sock while she was tramping around "in the bush." It was pulsing along our sheets. Sheree asked me to dispatch it...but felt it was excessive when I returned in a surgical mask, oven mitts and toting seven sheets of sturdy paper toweling.This however, is another story. My point is simply that my wife is turning into Grizzly Adams.)

Anyway, I digress. We were, to my immense relief, on our way out of the park with limbs intact and no horn-sized holes in our chests, on our way to search out a nice safe Hutterite Colony, when we saw these two HUGE bison by the side of the road.

Sheree started making inarticulate noises and gesturing wildly with her hands, camera and eyes. I know from past experience that she is NOT having a seizure. She wants me to pull over. So I did.

The bison were mostly uninterested in us...and I do admit that it was kinda cool actually hearing them eat. But I noticed the bigger one, the guy in the picture, was keeping an eye on us.

I sat in the driver seat, hand hovering over the shift, prepared at a moment's notice to spring into action, and Jean Claude Van Damme-like, throw the car into Drive and Get The Hell Out Of Here mode.

Sheree was happily taking pictures. Then she reached over to turn off the ignition.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked politely. "Didn't you see the picture where that person was running from the bison? They can cover twenty yards in 1.73 seconds."

(Okay...I made that part up...but it sounded good.)

Sheree rolls her eyes and mutters something about a 'city boy.' She is now deep into her "put your hat on backwards and be a Deliverance kinda survivalist type" mode. There's no arguing with that. Besides...I don't know how to play a banjo.

So I now have to keep one hand hovering over the ignition and the other one over the stick shift.

Sheree looks back at me and rolls her eyes.

Then she opens the door and leans out to get another shot. The brain-eating bison are only a few feet away. Sure they look like harmless herbivores on the outside...

"Get enough shots?" I ask finally because my hands are getting kind of tired of hovering.

She tells me that she just needs a few more (she pretty much always needs a few more) and suggests I go up through the sun roof to make some photographs of my own. Genetically bred warrior that I am (see the "Inch Worm Incident" above), I see instantly where that will wind up: me getting stuck there, whilst the enormous bison, now certain of both victory and manflesh will charge.

I demur.

I hover.

I wait.

I sigh.

Eventually we drive away.

This is what those creatures looked like. Honest.

Tired - Cansada

Tired - Cansada

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CANON EOS 400D EXIF 1/500 f/7,1 70-300 mm ISO 400 + HDR

Las helices convierten la energia rotacional generada por el motor en el empuje necesario para el desplazamiento de un barco. Descontando el diseno de esta, cuanto mas grande sea mas eficientemente trabajara. El problema radica en conseguir un equilibrio entre este tamano y la capacidad del motor para hacerla rotar a su regimen de trabajo idoneo.

Aunque existen muchos tipos de helices los 2 mas importantes son los que tienen entre 2 y 4 palas y son principalmente utilizados por motores intraborda con ejes. Las utilizadas por los motores fueraborda suelen llevar un numero de palas que entre 3 y 6.

?Como puede ser una helice?

Su tamano: Queda definido por dos datos; El diametro total de la helice y el paso de sus palas, es decir lo inclinado que estan y por tanto la capacidad de impulsar agua. Estos dos datos son los mas importantes para diferenciar una helice de otra.

Generalmente un diametro pequeno se corresponde con un motor de pequena potencia, o con un barco disenado para desplazarse a mucha velocidad.

El paso de la helice se corresponde con el avance teorico que genera la helice al girar esta una vuelta. Puesto que el agua es un medio no solido y por tanto se producen rozamientos y deslizamientos el avance real sera siempre a regimenes de funcionamiento optimos, algo inferior al teorico.

Materiales – Pueden ser de muchos tipos, entre ellos de aluminio, acero inoxidable, bronce, o materiales compuestos. Las helices en ‘composites’ trabajan bien y no son muy caras. Las de aluminio son las mas utilizadas debido a la gran cantidad de medidas con que pueden ser fabricadas y las diversas condiciones y revoluciones con que pueden ser utilizadas. Las de bronce y acero inox son las que ofrecen las mejores prestaciones y duracion frente al paso del tiempo, y son muy adecuadas para barcos que se desplacen a mucha velocidad:
Existen distintas aleaciones muy adecuadas para la fabricacion de helices pero las investigaciones en materiales compuestos son mas que prometedoras. Ademas de ser totalmente inmunes a la oxidacion y muy livianas, las helices en ‘composites’ tienen un comportamiento frente al impacto muy diferente que las de metal. El dano queda localizado solo en la zona del golpe sin comprometer todo el eje o la reductora como a veces ocurre con las helices de metal.

Propellers turn the rotational energy generated by the engine thrust required to move a boat. Discounting this design, the larger will work more efficiently. The problem lies in striking a balance between size and capacity of the motor to rotate to make their system work best.

Although there are many types of propellers 2 most important are those with between 2 and 4 blades are mainly used for axles with inboard engines. Used for outboard engines usually take a number of blades that between 3 and 6.

How can a propeller?

Its size is defined by two data, the overall diameter of the helix and passing their blades, that is what they are inclined and therefore the ability to push water. These two factors are most important to differentiate one from another helix.

Usually a small diameter corresponds to a small engine power, or with a boat designed to move at speed.

The pitch corresponds to the theoretical breakthrough that generates the propeller to turn this one around. Since water is not half so strong, and sliding friction is produced real progress will always be at optimum operating regimes, somewhat lower than theoretical.

Materials - can take many forms, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, or composite materials. Propellers in 'composites' not working well and are very expensive. The aluminum is the most widely used due to the large number of measures that can be manufactured and the various conditions and with speed that can be used. The bronze and stainless steel are offered the best performance and duration compared to the passage of time and are very suitable for boats moving at speed:
There are different alloys very suitable for the manufacture of propellers but research on composite materials that are more promising. Besides being totally immune to oxidation and very light, in the propellers' composites' behavior is very different from the impact of the metal. The damage is localized only in the strike zone without compromising the entire shaft or reductive as sometimes happens with metal propellers.

what tyre size

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