18 Inch Mud Tires

18 inch mud tires

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Precious-The Big Black Ford Diesel

Precious-The Big Black Ford Diesel

This truck is a 1999 Ford F-250. Aside from her looks, Precious has been known to go deer hunting and fishing with me in my home town of Jackson New Jersey. She listens to country music and always is up for a tailgate. She has a 7.3 Power Stroke diesel engine that makes some pretty decent power. I am an 18 year old student attending North Carolina State University and just like going to college here, I have worked many long hours to support owning this truck. This SuperDuty is far more than just a truck to me; it is my pride and joy. Every home football game here at the home of the WolfPack I have my truck loaded up with many friends of mine and many ladies in company. I hope that my truck can be seen as an icon both on as well as off the road. I love the looks my truck gets when I pull up to a traffic light. These looks are attributed to an eight inch SuperLift suspension lift accompanied by 37x13.5x18 Nitto Mud Grappler Tires. These large tires are dressed by chrome XD diesel rims. As far as the engine goes I don't have nearly enough work done to it. I have a straight piped MBRP stainless steel exhaust to expel extra heat given off by the DP diesel performance programmer I have installed. Precious is an all around truck that is functional for both work and play. She is not just some truck that has looks and no personality. She has it all in my book.

mud season

mud season

yeah, those are my tire tracks wiggling up the road (and I was going straight - or at least trying to). This is what happens to 3 feet of snow that melts in a day (+60F with sun and wind today). yummy

18 inch mud tires

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20 winter tires - Van tyres prices - Goodyear 20 inch tires

20 Winter Tires

20 winter tires

    winter tires
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Winter Wonderland This Morning!

Winter Wonderland This Morning!

Well folks, this is how our lovely backyard in Northwest Pennsylvania is looking like this morning!!! Actually there is much more snow now. We have close to a foot (30 cm) of snow on the ground and on the roads right now! And it's supposed to get even worse today and tonight. I have no idea how much snow we are going to get now! The forecast did not even predict all this heavy snow last night...

There is a serious price to pay for this beautiful winter wonderland! The commute this morning was very harsh with heavy snow and ice on all the roads and highways. It took me long time traveling behind 20 cars going 15 miles in hour with hazard lights flashing to get to my office this morning... I'm glad I'm all safe. There were cars in the ditches and medians of the roads and highways everywhere. It's better to take it easy and be safe than sorry... Tires are one of the most important factors in getting around safe as well. Many people still have bald tires on their vehicles. A lot of trees still have many colorful leaves on them and with all this heavy snow they bent to the ground and many break down. I heard limbs and trees breaking and falling like every other second around our neighborhood. It's not looking too good around here lights are flickering and I hope we don't lose our power :(

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone! I will try to do the same :) Best Viewed Large!



January 20, 2010

One class today. It was amazing.
I am loving my studio and new lights that i have:]
I'm pretty excited for this weekend, its gonna be a lot of fun! I need to start getting on a better sleeping schedule. But anyway.. this picture is yet another simple one... i feel like im running out of ideas... hopefully i can do something amazing sometime soon. I don't want you guys to get bored looking at these pictures!

Also, i have heard from a lot of people that they like my 365. What does everyone else think??

20 winter tires

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Atv mud tire : Old tractor tyres for sale : Reading tire size

Atv Mud Tire

atv mud tire

Let's Get a Lot of Mud on the Tires!

Let's Get a Lot of Mud on the Tires!

Good thing Chetwynd has two great car washes, because we sure needed one after our last 4x4ing excursion!

I had an absolute blast driving through the big mud holes on a local 4x4ing road in our 1979 Ford F150 pickup truck. Within the first few minutes the truck was completely plastered with mud! Once we navigated through all the mud puddles and ruts in the road, we saw some beautiful local countryside and even a few deer in a meadow.

As always when heading out into the backcountry we made sure our family knew where we were going and when we planned to be back. We carried some extra fuel and made sure the winch was in good working order in case we got stuck!



Ok so I said I had no interest in mud but I have to admit it was kinda fun. I accidently found a mud muddle that was about two feet deep, about to the top of the wheels (not tires).

atv mud tire

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Bronco tyres 4x4 - 35in mud tires

Bronco Tyres 4x4

bronco tyres 4x4

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  • Bronco, or bronc, is a term used in the United States, northern Mexico and Canada to refer to an untrained horse or one that habitually bucks.

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When I was shooting this old Ford Bronco, a guy came out & asked me if I wanted to buy it. Almost said yes! Really love these old Broncos but this one needs a LOT of work.

DSC 0876a1

DSC 0876a1

Stock Gen-1 Bronco, open diffs and street tires. What's lacking in offroad equipment is made up for in skills and experience. Awesome job of reading the line and thottle control!

bronco tyres 4x4

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Cheap Tires In Seattle : Discount Tire Highlands Ranch : Tire Rotation Interval.

Cheap Tires In Seattle

cheap tires in seattle

  • a major port of entry and the largest city in Washington; located in west central Washington on the protected waters of Puget Sound with the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Range and Mount Ranier visible to the south and east; an aerospace and computer center; site of the University of Washington

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  • Become in need of rest or sleep; grow weary

  • (tire) hoop that covers a wheel; "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"

  • (tire) exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress; "We wore ourselves out on this hike"

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pour beer

pour beer

In hindsight, we should have probably dropped Abbot off at the in-laws', then gone back up to Seattle and flown. I think we have made the right choices at every given point along the way but somehow we have ended up at a hotel in Pendelton, OR.

Abbot was ill Thursday night. We had plane tickets for early Saturday morning. We took Abbot to the vet as soon as we could, Friday afternoon around 4:30pm. The vet said he might be contagious but lab results wouldn't come back until Saturday.

Well that prevents us from boarding him. So... we had to cancel the plane tickets because we can't find alternative boarding for him before the next morning and cancelling is cheaper than rescheduling twice.

But we get ahold of Cori's folks and they can board Abbot. So now it's starting to sound like Road Trip -- take Abbot down to the in-laws and then continue driving to Boise. Seems reasonable -- road trips are fun and cheap and we just got the tires changed.

So we pull out of the garage and our tire warning light is on. We refill the tire and visually inspect for punctures and don't see anything. We figure it's some slow leak introduced by the recent tire change and drive on. We figure we aren't going to be out of civilization for a while and we have AAA.

No trouble with the tire at all for the first 300 miles or so. Then we get to Pendelton and the warning light goes on. We stop, refill, and keep driving. About 10 miles later the light comes on again.

Daaaaaaamn. Did I mention it's raining cats and dogs and our cell reception sucks? How did people cope in the old world?

So we jump through some hoops and finally get back to Pendelton on our donut. We stop by the only tire place open (Wal Mart) and ask if they can repair the tire. "No can do," the leak -- which turns out to be an actual puncture that we missed on visual inspection because it's in a weird spot; the same weird spot that prevents us from getting the leak merely repaired.

So we have to find a replacement tire. On a Saturday evening in Pendelton, this is apparently impossible.

So now we stayed a night here and are renting a car so we can finish our trip. The nonsense associated with actually finding a new tire and getting it on to our car -- which we are leaving in Pendelton -- aren't worth spelling out here.

Moral of the story: This place actually had a great bar.

365 project day 32

365 project day 32

Today was another beautiful day in Seattle. It was sunny and warm for a change! It definitely affected my mood in a positive way. Today was also my first day back at work after a week off. Everything went pretty smoothly with the older boys, and I ha a nice day with Seiji too. He definitely got some sun while he was on vacation in California, so his little face was browner than usual, and his hair is getting longer, and he's just getting cuter all the time. When I arrived at work this morning, I could hear Jamie telling his mom, "Y'know, we've known Seiji his entire life, and Faith has known him less time, and yet he seems more attached to her than he is to us!" I think the "us" he was talking about was him and Jarod. It was sweet to hear. Apparently Jamie heard Seiji asking for "Nanna" this morning, so that must have been the taproot for his commentary.
I got a few things taken care of at the Honda dealership after work this afternoon, which is a relief. I got my right headlight replaced, a copy made of my key, and a new battery in my remote. It was the cheapest visit to the dealership ever, at under $30 total. Now I just need to get a couple new tires, an oil change, get my brakes checked...I'm flabbergasted to think that my car was once new. I hope I enjoyed it.

cheap tires in seattle

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